Spider and Smudge

Spider and Smudge
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Thankyou everyone

Thursday 11th February

Right, it says here that cats should be fed four times a day!!! 

I just wanted to say thanks to all you marvellous people who posted a comment yesterday (and all the other days). It was good to get some much needed advice about selling my home.
You all really make my day and I enjoy reading and admiring your blogs, well done everyone. Lets send positive thoughts through the blogosphere (sorry if I nicked a term you coined Leanne).

It makes it easier to work out in my mind what to do in regards to selling my house. Yesterday another agent visited, lower commission by the sounds of it but this agent also put the idea of a "by negotiation" price which means it is determined by market value and the buyers determine the price themselves. Sounds good in a way as the agent told me a house sold for $40,000 more than he expected apparently (of course this could be a load of codswallop, gotta love that word).

Spider and Smudge approved of this agent and made me realise that while house inspections happen the boys can get some practise travelling in the car with me, I can also find out favourite soothing music etc.
Any advice in regard to cat car travel would be greatly appreciated, the trip to the property would be 3.5 hours, any ideas???

I had a day of relief yesterday and have another today, got the call yesterday at 7.30am and left at 8am on a 45 minute trip. Within Canberra here in Australia that is a long trip. It was a nice day with a 5/6 class and encountered some students I taught in 2008 for a term so hugs were frequent.

It's cleaner here since mum has tidied up the place.


Amy and The House of Cats said...

Well, our recommendation is to try harp music - we have heard and read it is soothing to cats, and we do find our kitties are a bit calmer on trips with it on (all our trips are to the vet, and that is only about a 30 minute drive but they all HATE HATE HATE it). But then again, we have one kitty who prefers to rock out, so it will have to be a bit of a trial and error thing to find something. You should head over to Mouchois - Melvin's mom moved him across country and there may be some great tips over there. You will have to go through the archive a bit but I think it was before Thanksgiving that they moved. That was a long car trip so they had to be creative I am guessing.

Kea said...

No real suggestions regarding travelling the 3.5 hours with the kitties...I've not had to do a long trip with them and none of mine are great in the car. The boys howl pitifully and Annie huddles in fear. I've heard people use Bach's Rescue Remedy, though -- good for humans or animals -- supposedly you rub it inside their inner ear tips and it helps calm them. Not sure if it really works, though!

Anonymous said...

When my daughter moved to Savannah, GA which was 8 hrs. from Pleasant Grove, AL. We took a lot of stops along the way and offered water and food or treats and she did just fine. My daughter even drove that cat who was 14 at the time from Pleasant Grove, AL to New York City. We were afraid to fly the cat because of her age. My daughter said she handled the trip fine. Of course there was an overnite stay at a hotel which helped. I hope your trip goes well. Im sure it will. Your cat will do fine.

Ginger Jasper said...

I am sure all will be fine.. When you get there as long as your cat can see you are there. all shouls soon settle.. HUgs GJ x

Brian said...

I agree with Ginger Jasper, all will be just fine!

BeadedTail said...

Angel went to the v-e-t yesterday and didn't like the car ride at all but Isabella loves driving herself on Daddy's lap. They'll get used to it the longer they are in the car I hope.

Fin said...

Mom uses this spray that has cat pheromones when I have to go in the car and it's very calming.

Langdowns said...

45 minutes to work?! You weren't over my way were you? Blogosphere. Great word. And yes, positive energy is possible across the blogosphere! You have lots of it by the looks of things :)

animal lover, quilt lover said...

I put a comment on Selling Ones House.
When we take our cats in the car we put them in a cat carrier. They are much happier if they can not see out.
If you start a kitten out going in a car very early they will like to ride, but an adult cat put in a carrier.
Coons on my blog, Fern

Jan Mader said...

Everyone has great ideas for you. Sophie, my last cat, was really calm. You could take her anywhere. My friend's cat, on the other hand, is impossible to even get in a carrier!

Anonymous said...

Hi Smudge and Spider. I used to have a cat named Smudge. He was really special to me. He's been gone now for about 5yrs. and I still tear up when I think of him.

I left you an Award at my blogsite.
Have a great day.