Spider and Smudge

Spider and Smudge
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Teaching, property and floofies update.

                            Friday 12th February.

Well hello there!!! I'm just hanging out this morning.
Yesterday I relief taught again, let me say it was a challenging day and the children were fascinating (I am borrowing another technique from my friend Leanne of "Deep fried fruit blog" here as fascinating is often a word that can be used instead of annoying or frustrating). I am most definitely using that technique above as I had three children removed due to such rude and disrespectful behaviour, three wrote out time out slips (this is the level below being removed more or less)  and a number were on warnings.
I have the same class (a 5/6 class) again in a week or so and I can only hope they are brought more into line as I do not want to go through the same stress again. I was too stuffed to do anything last night and missed boxing.

The bright sparky moment was that I got a call from my dad and would have missed it had I been at boxing. He is an architect and very handy to look into many facets of my property such as legal issues and building. It kind of nice as it is bringing us closer together and I like the attention.

My furry boys are going to get some car riding experience soon, even if we don't end up getting this property I still feel it may be a useful exercise and thanks everyone for your wonderful suggestions.
Oh and thanks for the award Melody, I just need to figure out how to post it on the blog, technically challenged here, any suggestions.


Brian said...

Oh no, high water! Glad you got to talk to your Dad too!

Harry Spotter said...

You look mighty comfy there. Were you reading that book? Love the wide window sill, plenty of room to stretch out and take a nap without falling off.

BeadedTail said...

Hope the next time you teach again isn't so challenging but more fun!

Hope the kitty car ride experience goes well!

Jacqueline said...

Hi, Kas, thanks for visiting our blog=nice to meet you and your sweet kitties...Here's what Mom did: copy the award, click File and then Save As on your tool bar...to retrieve for your post: click New Post, Add Image, it should be stored under My Recent Documents...Good luck, hope this helps you out...Happy weekend...purrs...Calle, Halle, Sukki