Spider and Smudge

Spider and Smudge
Relax mode, Smudge and Spider Copyright:K J Woodward

Buckets, splosh goes Spider and the joy of almonds.

Monday 15th February
Hello everyone, this is the award my friend Leanne at Deep fried fruit gave me, she certainly is one of the best supportive commenters herself and I would like to pass this onto two bloggers who have also given me such supportive comments, although there are so many of you wonderful people supporting me it was hard to pick just two. They are Karen Jo of Kitty Limericks and Phyllis of Crumbs of happiness.

It's raining again this morning after a break in the rain overnight. I spent some time playing in the garden potting some irises. I also bucketted water into my bath from all the containers I had collected water in. The boys had fun with lapping water from the buckets and with the water in the bath.

 Mmm, nice rain water.

Good way to drink, I am exercising my legs at the same time.

Mum there's something floting in this one!!

 I heard a splosh and walked out of my computer room to see Spider with very wet legs, it made me laugh.

Ok I  see you will save you!!!

Ooooops, I got a bit wet I did!!!
Smudge found an almond on the floor and had lovely games with it.

Where has that dratted almond got to???

I mopped after vacuuming yesterday and they played with the mop too.

I'm gonna pounce on you you furry, no stringy thing.

Property update, my dad and mum are probably gonna be looking at the place with me soon, I am gonna make an offer on the day more than likely. This week is seeing me getting some pre approved finance.
Oh and I realised I want to get a puppy when I move there so all the tips you can supply in regards to getting along well with two established cats would be great. I am figuring if I do it soonish after I arrive, from a rescue place the boys will be less territorial??


Kea said...

I see the boys had fun! Congratulations on your award and good luck regarding the property!

Brian said...

Great pics! We can't wait to hear the updates on the property too!

Harry Spotter said...

Congrats on the award you deserve it.

Phyllis said...

Hey Kas,

Isn't if funny how cats love to play in water? Where in the world did the old wives tale about them hating water ever come from ??? :)

OM Gosh - I see that you have given me an award! How sweet of you - thank you so much. I'll post about it tonight before I hit the sack.

Whether you get a dog or a puppy, go to the animal shelter or rescue...although you probably already know that. If you get a puppy, it will learn to respect the kitties and you shouldn't have any problems.

btw - thank you for the sweet comment. I like my life overall; just hate being unemployed.

Good luck with the house thing!

Josie said...

Good to see your kitties having a blast with the rain water. Your Spider looks just like my Mizzen. Almost a spitting image. Contgrats on the award and good luck with the house hunting and glad you will be getting a dog. The kitties will love that.Happy valentine's day. Much Love.Woof Soon.

Fin said...

Good luck on the property.

Claudia Condiff said...

cats find fun in everything around them...
My two Austrailian Shepherds have a healthy respect for my 5 cats...
the cats usually steer clear of the dogs, but every so often they can't resist an ambush!

CCL Wendy said...

My, I never knew that kitties could have so much fun helping mom clean the house. I'm sure they really got off on those big pails of water -- kitty heaven! Better than drinking out of your mom's glass, even!