Spider and Smudge

Spider and Smudge
Relax mode, Smudge and Spider Copyright:K J Woodward

Silly Sunday, stair climbing madness and LOvely Lyndal

Sunday 10th January 2010

Yesterday saw me climbing, well actually running (and puffing) up them, frog jumping and lunging the flats (my legs are gonna feel it soon). The view is quite special as the hills that ring the south of Canberra can be seen well. In winter time some of them have snow on them and it can be so pretty but darn cold too.

This is about one quarter of the stairs.

Halfway up and I'm breathing/ panting!!!

The view from the top.

 So yesterday I started throwing the monster bits under the lounge for Smudge , he quite enjoyed retrieving them and no he didn't really get stuck.

Okay where is that bit of monster munchie?? Just gotta push a bit more .

Okay now I see it, hmmm now tell me how I get out???

OK here tis, do not throw it under there again!!!!!!!!!

 Today I am at the markets withb Lyndal Lois's daughter, wish us a not too hot day.

 Oh and here is a poem I wrote recently, no prizes for guesses who it is about!

Butterfly girl

Learning to live in the present.

Re-exploring the recovering fragile bushland
while I become centered and at peace with myself.

Tentatively developing a quiet confidence
as I work towards my life purpose.

Bringing animals and children together to heal within.


Brian said...

I'm glad Smudge didn't get stuck under there!!!!

Kas said...

He loves it under the lounge, in fact he has a secret hideout that chubbier Spider can not quite navigate to.

WhimPurr's Whim said...

Oh dear Smudge, I know it was not so fun being under the lounge but I sure did enjoy seeing your cute little feetsies stick out of there!

Karen Jo said...

The climb up the stairs was way worth it for that view. Smudge looks so pleased with himself for retrieving the bit of monster munchie.