Spider and Smudge

Spider and Smudge
Relax mode, Smudge and Spider Copyright:K J Woodward

Scooby’s, the best abs workout ever and waiting for munchies

Friday 13th November
I’m a bit superstitious but not enough to worry about today, I have two black cats after all, well one is black and white.
You ask what the heck are Scooby’s, well half of Canberra seems to be in the dark anyway. Scooby’s are long pieces of thin coloured plastic that children love to create bracelets’ and other bits and pieces from. I bought a pack last weekend and the children in my class have been enjoying them for art. I went yesterday arvo before the dentist to buy some more. Honestly no one knew what I was talking about, I got sent to Woolies by a girl in Big W ( no luck) and then decided to try back in Big W, no luck. It was now 5.05 and my appt was for 5.15, I power walked to the discount store downstairs and no one there knew what they had in their own store!!!!!!!! I asked a few kids with their mum and joy oh joy they found them, what a great bunch of chn.
Also of note was the amount of bored looks on faces of people working at the stands in the middle of Woden Plaza and I realised I may get stressed but I never get bored at work. There is always something going on even if it is 11 year olds comparing belly buttons in the middle of teaching maths!!!!
Speaking of belly buttons and Abs and all that I can recommend the best abs workout, the dentist especially if one is a bit nervous, I find I hold my abs tight the whole time. I do have a very gentle dentist now unlike one I encountered in Dubbo (this one pulled out all four of my wisdom teeth I might add and I felt the last two being pulled. In absolute agony I told him I could feel it and he just pooh poohed and finished while I had tears treaming down my cheeks with the sheer agony of it all). My dentist now is a kindly asian gentleman.

Bug fest by the way last night, as you can see in the photo above Smudge is very occupied and was having a ball last night chasing them around the house.

The other photos are of the furry two waiting for munchies, they know when I start to rush around it means munchies when I leave so they tend to wait on the telephone table by the door.

Thank god it’s Friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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