Spider and Smudge

Spider and Smudge
Relax mode, Smudge and Spider Copyright:K J Woodward

Day one of Spider and Smudge


Woke up to Smudge playing with my toes then he tries to snuggle with Spider (the 5 year old cat). and a growling session begins with Spider expressing his need to remain boss cat for as long as possible. (AKA Grandad cat or Uncle Spider), fed both cats and shut them at other end of house and went back to bed at 6.15. So glad they can't open door these days. Got up at 7.15 as concerned cats are playing with jigsaw pieces that I marked last night and left on table to dry.

Well today having an appointment at 12 meant I was rushing around the house, Smudge (the cat in photo) starts to follow me around knowing a kiss and bikkies result when I am leaving. Gets under my feet continually, yes he is a toddler at 9 months of age.

Prior to that Spider (just like having a child but worse at times) is trying to sit on my lap while I am on the loo then jumps in fright at the noise coming from the kitchen. Just Smudge looking for any smackerals of food left on the kitchen bench (hellooo, another thing children do not generally do, especially when they have just been digging in their litter tray).

This aftternoon I get home and decide to do some washing, open
lid to washing machine, grab clothes and then there is a cat in the washing machine when I get back.

The growling at the toddler continues from uncle Spider when he wants to be king of the castle. Then later when the heater is put on they sit and wash each other until someone decides a chomp on an ear is a good idea and the wrestle begins.

Another day in the life of Spider and Smudge.

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