Spider and Smudge

Spider and Smudge
Relax mode, Smudge and Spider Copyright:K J Woodward

Inspection of new boxes has begun!!!


I have finally got the transport boxes for the big trip we need to take in two weeks (8 hours minimum).

Smudge and Spider decided they would check them out straight away.

Any advice for something for them to hide in that is small and inexpensive to put inside???

Mr Squeak mouse even likes the box!!!
Right it smells ok, needs a comfy rug though!!!

Ok weight test is good, it sure is a tough box!!!


Ann Nichols said...

Oh how exciting! How about an inexpensive cat bed with a hood?
Hope everything "moves" along smoothly!

Huffle Mawson said...

Good luck with the move! Good idea to let Spider and Smudge get used to the boxes first.

The Paw Relations said...

They look like interesting boxes!

Jacqueline said...

It's great that they are curious and checking them out; I think it would be a great idea to take them for a few "trial runs" to let them get used to riding in the car inside the box (of course, give them lots of praise and treats!)...I actually have "dog mats" that fit well in the bottom of those crates (don't tell my babies :)!, but they are not expensive and you can measure the crate and get on to accomodate you (carealotpets.com type in "quiet time dog beds" and check them out)...Best of luck to you; I know it is scary and will be here before you know it, but it will be wonderful once you have completed the journey to your new place...Best moving tip=be sure to label the boxes specifically so you know exactly what is in each one=moving everything you own makes it hell to find what you need at first and that makes it much easier once you reach the destination!...Take care...Sending love and hugs...J (of course, you can call me Jacq=my Dad has always called me that but calls me Jacqueline to others!), Calle, Halle, Sukki

Kea said...

Jacqueline had great advice, so none from me...just fingers and paws crossed for the move, that all goes smoothly!

(((Hugs))) and Light!

Hannah and Lucy said...

We hope they are good travelling as it is a long journey. A favourite toy or stuffy and a warm blankie would be good inside the carriers or as Ann said a cat bed with a hood so they can put there heads out of the way of any traffic noise.

BeadedTail said...

Those are nice big boxes and hopefully they don't mind being in them for awhile. It's a good idea to let them get comfortable with them at home first!

Katnip Lounge said...

Our Mommy usually puts a nice big towel in, and we mess it up and make ourselves a nest. After we quit wailing, that is.

Brian said...

Yes, a towel or something with their smell on it would be helpful. Also, when you get to your new place, scatter things around with their smell on it, that will help them adjust somewhat too! Let the dream begin!!!!!!

Ginger Jasper said...

I think its so good that you feel happy to check the boxes out.. Good luck with the move.. Hugs GJ xx

Amy and The House of Cats said...

Oh those look great! We think that a good solution might just be the cats best friend - a box! The other nice thing is you could probably use it later, and if something happens (say an accident or something on the long trip) it is disposable. And seriously what cat doesn't like boxes? You could put something nice and comfy in it like a familiar blanket or oooh, towels (we love towels) and if you give them to them a bit ahead it will smell familiar to them. And it can be sprayed with feliway to keep them calm too. And you could even sleep with the towels so they smell like you too (our mom does that with our blankets and towels so if we have to stay at the vet we don't get so scared). You could put it in sideways so the opening faces out, so they can hide in it and feel safe but also so they can get out if they want to. And of course putting favorite toys in helps too!

Tamago said...

It is coming in two weeks! So exciting! I hope you will have a good trip.
I can't think of a good advice. I have just common notes....put their favorite toys in a box with them;bring snack, water, and litter box; keep the box out until moving day and let them feel comfortable in it. I hope moving will go smoothly!

animal lover, quilt lover said...

Hi Kara,
How exciting!!! Getting closer!!!
Have the cat carrier out and letting them see and play with it will definitely help!!
Yes, you can make cuttings!! We got our stevia plant at the farmers market and Tom has made two more cuttings of it. One of those cuttings went home with my son week-end before last.
It will freeze if you let it.
xxoo, Bambi & Fern