Spider and Smudge

Spider and Smudge
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Wash time!!!

  I is is making sure I is really clean!!!

Hello there,

Today is the last day I clean houses during the week for work, I am going to realief teach 4-5 days a week so as to earn extra $ towards the big move that I make in about 7 weeks.

Yes it is getting closer, going to find out about the cost of a removalist today, a friend said it could be as much as $4,500!!!!!!!

My dad said it would work out cheaper for me to use a removalist rather than hiring a 3 tonne truck myself, somehow I am not sure about that??

Anyway I am off to the gym then a yummy fish burger for lunch. Hope everyone has a fabulous day!!!


Brian said...

Sounds like your gonna have your paws full! I hope you have a great week!

Mr Puddy said...

All I see, You're done a great cleaning job : )

My mom did a big move two years ago. And she used removalist service, It wasn't cheaper then you did it by yrself but it safe your back pain if you are not fit enough. Mom said she did move the small boxes by herself and let the professional moved the big things. That saved her money to let them do all moved.

By the way we hope you have a smooth moving : )

BeadedTail said...

Good job on the bath!

We're thinking a removalist is the same as a 'mover' here and they are expensive but do make things easier. Whichever way you go, we hope it goes smoothly!

Katnip Lounge said...

ack! Either way, moving is a CHORE! Did the kitties get any leftover fish? My crowd says that's only fair.

Blackie007 said...

Hi there! Thank you for dropping by. When I first saw your blog title, I thot, oh my, a spider for a pet? :)

Anyway, I love what I see! You got beautiful cats! Have a great day!

animal lover, quilt lover said...

You look pretty clean!!! I love to watch a cat take a bath!!!!! Happy is doing it right here beside me!!
Tom's scare is the best looking one I have ever seen!! He is doing great!!! I did not do so good while he was away. I fell and was hurting most of the time he was gone! We are happy we are together again!!!
XXO, Bambi, Happy & Fern

Max the Quilt Cat said...

Have a great week at your new job.

pawhugs to you ... max

Princess Jasmine said...

You look like you are doing yoga positions :)

Hope your move goes smoothly. Moving is always so expensive.