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The power of your dreams!!!

I is watching bird TV!!!!!
Hello there,

I just left the comment below on a blog called Mr Lonely, he seemed to need cheering up.

"The best thing is to move on in life and pursue the dreams you have.

That is what I decided to put in action about 6 months ago, my own animal/ wildlife sanctuary will be real for me and not just a dream.

So many people give up on their dreams and deny themselves the opportunity not to regret not doing something. ( not sure if this bit makes sense!!!!!)

Take life headfirst with passion and put what you want out there to the universe, not what you don't want.
Yes I am embodying "THE SECRET", check it out, it changed my life!!!
My blog is an account of my journey towards achieving my dream/ life purpose".


Mr Puddy said...

Good on you !
We hope you get your dream job so soon : )

Kea said...

We hope you never lose that belief and determination, Kas.

Our mom's not wanted much in her life, with passion, we mean, but what she has been focused on and passionate about she has gotten. Though it's true that the Universe didn't present those "things" to her quite the way she envisioned. LOL.

Ann Nichols said...

yep...dreams made into realities = a much happier world! Go for it and never be discouraged!

Hannah and Lucy said...

We hope you keep your goal in sight and focus on it.

Rivkah Singh said...

Wonderful blog! Good luck on your dream job! This is what I like to follow myself- Put your heart and soul into what you love to do, don't worry about the outcome, and success will surely follow!

Jacqueline said...

I hope you achieve everything your soul desires, Kara...It is such hard work to move your life, your belongings and it will take time just to settle in with mundane tasks (such as curtains, furnishings, etc), but your dreams are always worth the effort...Yes, accept and find joy in what the day/the universe brings you...Best of luck, sweet friend; it might take a while after the actual move (it is still a work in progress for me=change is hard, but worthwhile), but I know you will be happy you did it in the long run...Stay focused and determined...Sending big hugs...J
Happy Halloween weekend to our handsome friends; we want you to know we love our new place and feel you guys will too=scary at first with everything changing around you, but so much to enjoy once you get there!...Hang in there, we love you sweet boys...xoxo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

Katnip Lounge said...

Do what you love and you'll never do a day's work.

It's true.

I moved across country 10 years ago, Hubby & I changed our lives completely...and it's been the best thing I've ever done.

It CAN be done.

Brian said...

It has been quite fun to follow you following your dreams too!

BeadedTail said...

Your dreams will take you far and it's fun going along on the journey with you!

Fin said...

We'll be cheering you on!!