Spider and Smudge

Spider and Smudge
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Not so wordless Wednesday

Hi everyone,

I have been doing a bit of thinking today as my mum's friend has found another property that might suit me. This is weird at this stage as I had resigned myself to renting for 6 months especially to fulfill a dream of living by the sea.

I now know after a restless night and day that what will happen is meant to be and that is ok as the universe delivers. No matter how strange it can be at times.

I am leaning towards moving myself too, I reckon I may save a few thousand dollars!!!!

OK quit flashing that light and throw this green monster bit now!!!!!


Ann Nichols said...

Such cute pictures! So hope you can live by the sea and move all by yourselves - thousands of dollars is quite an incentive!
Going to be following along!

Karen Jo said...

I hope things work out beautifully for you. That's a really nice picture.

Mr Puddy said...

We hope your wish come true !

Kea said...

Have you seen the property yet? I do hope it suits!

Moving yourself is a pain in the butt, but as long as you have people to help, it's not so bad. Heavy lifting is tricky. For all of my moves, I did mostly everything myself, then hired movers to take the big items (like the couch, etc.). Usually it was only 2 hours of their time, so not much money at all. Of course, it depends on how far you have to move. LOL. I assume you have things like U-Haul or truck rental centres.

Best thing to do, IMO, is pare down as much as possible, get rid of everything you don't use or doesn't have sentimental value. That helps to lighten the load!

Anyway, maybe we'll see pics of this property, when you view it? I hope so!

Good luck!

BeadedTail said...

Fate will take over and you'll know the purrfect place for you and your boys. We hope it all works out!

Anonymous said...


CCL Wendy said...

I agree with you -- sometimes you have to put your thoughts out there and let them flow back to you. I guess that's what they call "going with the flow"!

Good luck!

Smudge is looking awfully cute today!

Deborah said...

I would love to live by the sea too!
I'm looking forward to following!
Have a nice day!