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Spider and Smudge
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My last rewarding day

Hello lovely fellow bloggers,

Today was the last day workimng with the special needs children. We did dancing this morning and had lots of fun.

I worked with three mainstream classes fro the rest of the day, boy was that different.

I was so suprised to recieve many gifts of thankyou including some Lillies'

Some cyclamens in a pot ( a new colour to go with the ones I have already).

I also was given chocolates and a pair of earrings, better than my birthday, so nice to be appreciated.

I am happy to return some day to work with the wonderful people I was privledged to be with.


Kea said...

Kas, the flowers are lovely! It must have made you feel so good to be so appreciated. :-)

Thanks for the b-day wishes for Derry; he had a great party!

Max the Quilt Cat said...

Beautiful flowers. It sounds like they really appreciated what you did. Good job! Have a great day.

animal lover, quilt lover said...

It is always so nice to be appreciated!!! You got some great gifts!!
In the summer the coons come all day long b/c they can't sleep. It is so hot. They often hang out at the feeding station and dig holes to keep busy!! I have had to cut back on the amount I feed them b/c of money. I am cooking for them to keep enugh food coming.
XXOO, Fern
Ps Thanks for your visit.

Harry Spotter said...

The flowers are beautiful, what a lovely gesture for all your hard work. HAve a great weekend.

Zig et Zag said...


Thank you for the compliment about our Blog!! The uprights will be happy when will tell them!!

Bisous de Nantes xxxx

Brian said...

That sure was sweet, see, they really did appreciate you!

Langdowns said...

How fabulous!!!!
Hey, don't say "last". With that stash of gifts I bet you'll be back there (or somewhere similar) because of the gratitude.

BeadedTail said...

The flowers are beautiful! It was so nice to be recognized like that!

Jacqueline said...

You are such a special and beautiful person and it's wonderful those sweet kids appreciate you so much=lovely flowers, yummy chocolates and earrings sound like they really love you!...Our Mommy has to leave due to family illness/surgery, but we hope you guys will visit us (she scheduled posts a week ahead)...Kisses x3 to handsome Smudge and Spider...Happy weekend sweet friends...Calle, Halle, Sukki