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Spider and Smudge
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The meaning of dreams

I am all snuggly near mum and the heater.

Last night I had a most unsettling type of dream but I have guessed the hidden meaning. IN my dream I had my guts removed, cleaned and then replaced, as did my brother. The message I am getting is that doing what I am today is going to be cleansing in its own way.

This to me seems like the way forward as I feel my creative flow has been impeded through focusing on this realtionship that has now passed its use by date.

Thanks for all your wonderfully written advice, it has helped me prepare and be aware I am not unusual in enjoying life by myself. Especially when I have dreams of becoming a reclusive children's author. Solitude is my outlet for creativity.

Have a fabulous weekend all you wonderful people.


Kea said...

That dream sounded rather creepy (lol), but obviously you were able to discern its hidden meaning. That's great!

Solitude can be soul-refreshing; sometimes, though, it's hard to balance that need with the very human need for companionship, to be part of a "pack."

All I can say is toss out any "shoulds" you might have about how you feel, what you think you "should" want, how your life "should" be. And just let your glorious Self shine! :-)

Anonymous said...

Spider you look so content. I hope your not having bad dreams.

Have a great weekend!!

TK & Squashies said...

Don't count love out. You have to wait for it. If it doesn't bowl you over, then it's not time yet.
Be patient with yourself and with others. And enjoy your solitude; as you said, it can be cleansing and cathartic.

Anonymous said...

Love will find you in the MOST unexpected of places! Wait...it'll come to you!

Jacqueline said...

I know you were glad to wake up from that dream, but at least you were clever about it!...You are very smart and you know what you want so you are doing the best thing you can for both of you...Do what makes you happy....Wishing you, Smudge and Spider happy dreams from now on!...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

Zig et Zag said...


We dream too, but of nice things, food, mice, toys.....

At least you have "the guts" to continue with the blog!!

Bisous de Nantes xx

BeadedTail said...

You are following your gut (no pun intended) and your intuition will let you know what is right. It seems that at this point in your life you are doing what is right for you and that is all that should matter. You can never make a wrong decision when you follow your instincts.

Fin said...

Just catching up and Mom agrees with your decision. But don't think it will always be this way.

Relationships do take compromise but for the right person it is worth it.