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Spider and Smudge
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The joys of knitting

Oh how I could go on about the joys of knitting, well I am being a little silly as by oneself it is fine but trying to teach an 9 year old and a 4 year old who wants to copy her brother.

An interesting experience to say the least and now we have a missing needle!!!

Boxing was great, we all did about 100 pushups so my tummy, chest and pecs are really sore. Yes the reminder of that hard work has begun and how it did not hurt when I had been boxing for a few months last year.

More photos of their lovely cats, one is called Boris.

Oh no not that flashy thing again.

Defintely enough now thanks. Just give me food now!!!!


Brian said...

I think Boris wants you to knit him up some foods!

Kea said...

LOL @ Boris in that last pic!

Gee, our human would collapse if she tried to do 10 pushups, never mind 100! :-D

Jacqueline said...

Boris is an adorable kitty; love the second photo of him!!...100 pushups sounds like a lot; I try to exercise regularly, but I don't do more than 50 arm exercises at a time with small weights...Good for you!...Happy weekend...Kisses to Spider and Smudge...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

Zig et Zag said...

Wool!! We like that!! We do not know how to knit, but we try!!!

bisous de Nantes

Sónia Mendes said...

My mum loves to knit and crochet. I prefer to play with the yarn. Sometimes my mum makes me woolen balls and she puts my fur inside them. I'm crazy for those balls, I love to chew on them.

Purrs from Gotchi