Spider and Smudge

Spider and Smudge
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Sunday 11th April with a wondering mind.

Hi everybody.

I walked up Mount Taylor yesterday after being asked by Uri to join him, Lois came along as well and they set a cracking pace leaving me behind due to an overwhelming tiredness. In a situation I like this I often get the sooky lalas but yesterday I just began to have to fight off feelings of annoyance. I guess I like Uri and wonder whether Lois does too but it was her encouragement that made me go on the big weekend walk and the "you will like this guy".

Any advice guys????

Yesterday I also went to a baby shower and then to a BBQ with the bushwalking people at Lois's, Uri asked to me go walking again with him in the future and I said either I will go with you or with Lois, you guys are too speedy for me.

Photos of babyshower and BBQ.

Katerina and her two (one wrapped beautifully on her back) at Annies baby shower.
All the munchies at the BBQ.


Jacqueline said...

It seems to me if Lois were interested in Uri, she would have mentioned it before you ever met Uri, when discussing the trip you guys took last weekend...Maybe you should tell her "she was right and you did like Uri" and you would like to spend some time alone with him to get to know him better...It seems Uri is interested in spending time with you too...Just be honest and let it happen...Good luck, I hope it works out the way you want it to.

animal lover, quilt lover said...

Hi Kas,
I agree with Jacqueline 100%......
I think she is so right!!!
Keep us posted....
XXOO, Fern

TK said...

I too agree with Jacqueline.
I hope things work out for you!
(I love the bundle pack that Katrina is wearing!)
TK's mom