Spider and Smudge

Spider and Smudge
Relax mode, Smudge and Spider Copyright:K J Woodward

Monday and back to work

        Monday 22nd February
                                                               Spot the cat
Look where I am!!!!!

I have realised that in order to achieve this semi retired lifestyle I desire I am gonna have to work pretty hard. So today is a work day and knowing it will pay off I am going out of my way to be availiable to some schools for work.

Yesterday I also spoke on live radio, yes exciting but it was only to advertise my garage sale. As it was I spoke mainly about my dream of having my own animal sanctuary. A few people heard me and turned up, it was lovely to put it out to the universe even more so as I spoke with these people. I made a grand total of , wait for it, drum roll................. $5. Still I met some lovely people and Lois's daughter Lyndal had a laughing fit about my fianancial success. so it was worth it to see and hear her gorgeous laugh.

Spider investigating a step ladder.

I can climb ladders good, I can!!!!!!!!


Langdowns said...

$5!!! LOL. I am sorry to laugh but that is crazy. I am laughing with love and hugs though Kara. How fascinating that must have been :)


Harry Spotter said...

You are too funny. I did spot you! Good performance on the ladder, looks like a medal winning performance to me. Have a nice sunday.

Kea said...

We did spot you, but you were well-hidden! And excellent ladder-climbing skills in the second pic!

Okay, $5 is funny in a cosmic joke kind of way, but you never know what doors open when you put it all out to the Universe. :-)

CCL Wendy said...

Love the pix of Smudge peeking around the corner at you, and Spider climbing the ladder (to success?.

Sorry to hear your garage sale wasn't more profitable -- did you end up just giving some stuff away?

Cool about being on the radio, though, and meeting new folks with similar interests. Anything worthwhile is always hard work, don't you find?

Brian said...

I love the pee-a-boo picture!

BeadedTail said...

Hope $5 is a lot of money in Australia! We spotted the kitty too - so cute!

Jacqueline said...

Good pictures=we did spot the cat!!...and we have climbed a ladder too=cool.....xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

Four Dinners said...

Maximus Spittimus advises that Smudge is not sleepy cat he is peepy cat!

He also advises that his man Two Legs is on the radio every Saturday at 9pm UK time on www.scooter-forums.com

He definitely advises that he does not like ladders!

Four Dinners
Aide de Camp