Spider and Smudge

Spider and Smudge
Relax mode, Smudge and Spider Copyright:K J Woodward

Market madness, crazy cats and delicious dining

Monday January 4th 2010

Now if you could just throw this for me.

The markets were great, combined we made about $120 so we were both really happy. Meeting some great characters was also a highlight. A little boy from Zimbabwe caught our eye, part of a family with three stunning children. I also caught up with a colleague from a school I worked at last year and had a fabulous gossip. Initially it looked like rain as you can see in the pics but it held off and was quite warm.

While I was at the markets I wrote some poetry, this is one about my mum.
My Mum

Her dream is to paint watercolours.

However until the weight shifts from her shoulders it will remain just a dream.

A paradise hovering within her possession, not yet just hers.

Dolphins glide under the surface of the islands lake, eagles soar high in the sky watching intently.

Her visualisation of her perfect future will bring it to fruition.

The weather holding off just!

Sherri in colourful shirt to keep sun off her shoulders.

The boys had a great time in the afternoon because I opened up all the windows with the screens still closed, they were in the enclosure playing on each side of the window (one inside and one outside).

Aunty Lolo and her daughter Lyndal came for dinner and Smudge got some good retrieving exercise in and spent a lot of time flaked out on the floor. Spider was more subdued showing his maturity but investigated Lolo’s bag and her boots that I am borrowing for hiking.

Smudge and Lolo.

Smudge and Lyndal.

It’s another day for a hike and I am off to Molongolo Gorge, should be some wildlife and nice pics too.

Oh god how long is she gonna keep this up.


Anya said...

Oh yes, they just love it when we hold them like that! Yeah, right!

BeadedTail said...

Glad the markets went well! Enjoyed your poem! Smudge looks pretty happy getting all the attention!

Kas said...

Poor Spider was not into getting attention, he got lots of cuddles from me but he loves Lois when its just her and me.

Kady said...

What a lovely blog! Thank you for visiting and following mine (Stoney Hill Cabin) and please know I'm now a follower of yours. I'll be coming back often. Your cats are darling and your wildlife photos are tops.

Kady said...

I forgot to ask about your enclosure. Did you build it just for the cats? We could surely use one. They would love it. Thanks.

Brian said...

What beautiful pictures...y'all tolerate being held pretty darn good I'd say!

Kas said...

Thanks so much for the comments Kady. I really like your blog too. I have to admit the cat enclosure is an added sunroom the house had when I bought it, I modified it a bit (like added stuff into cat sizes holes and lots of grass in pots). When I get my land I will build a specialised enclosure.

Donovan said...

I have 8 cats, all adopted strays. Nice blog.


Kas said...

Thanks I really appreciate the feedback