Spider and Smudge

Spider and Smudge
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Back home with the boys.

Wednesday 27th January
I left my mums place this morning at 6am, got back home about an hour ago. Talk about planes, trains and automobiles.

Firstly we drove from Forster to Sydney, I caught the train to Central station and changed to a train to take me to the domestic airport. Then I flew to Canberra, caught a bus to the city and then changed again to a bus to take me to Tuggeranong (this is near home for me). Lastly I picked up my car from the mecxhanics and $1400 later I drove home.

Boy am I glad to be home and the furry gorgeous boys so happy to see me. My cat minder has looked after them well but does not remove wee from the litter trays so the boys were putting up with very pongy trays.Anybody have a tactful way of asking ones neighbour to remove this or do I just supply multiple trays and she can just swap trays????

I am Spiders evil twin, look into my eyes and you will be transported!!!!

Why hello its just me, the lovely gentle spider.

Hmmm Mr Zebra returns, about blooming time is all I can say.

I'm just glad my mum is home, I have missed her cuddles.


Kea said...

We're glad you are home safe and sound. Ouch to the $1400 car repair bill.

As for the litter boxes, if you are paying the cat sitter, I would state quite clearly what you expect. If it's a favour by a friend, then perhaps I would have multiple boxes out or at the ready. I'm sure the boys are happy to have a clean box again! LOL.

CCL Wendy said...

Yay! It worked. Thanks for changing your settings.

No matter what, it's always great to be home, because home is where the kitties are!

So sorry you had to pay so much for your car, and take such a long and varied route home. I guess your Australia Day was very expensive.

Spider and Smudge are looking very cute and sweet, there, welcoming you home. I'm sure they missed you as much as you missed them.

About the litter trays, if I were you I'd just have more than one out. Some people just aren't too fussy about touching that stuff.

Amy and The House of Cats said...

Wow that stinks that you had to pay so much for your car - I had car trouble last year (on the way to taking our youngest to get neutered) and still don't have it back for various reasons. So I can really sympathize.

As far as the litter, have you ever considered adding a "self scooping" type? We have one and it is great with multiple cats and if you aren't gone too long it would work well. Otherwise I would suggest just to have a few trays available.

Sammy and Andy said...

We know you are happy to have your mom home again. xxxxx

Lisa, Jack and Baby said...

That was a lot of traveling about! Poor kitties had to put up with used up boxes, huh? We think it's okay to ask for some scooping, even if the care is being done as a favor. Our mom does kitty care as a favor to someone occasionally and always includes box hygiene along with feeding.

Harry Spotter said...

Look at those laser eyes, way cool! So sorry about your car problems. We hope it's better now. Glad you made it home to your kitties, i'm sure they missed you.