Spider and Smudge

Spider and Smudge
Relax mode, Smudge and Spider Copyright:K J Woodward

How my life is changing.

Yes  we kinda get on these days, Miranda is not supposed to be one the bed. It is a cat only zone.

Hi folks,

I rescued a dog ( an american Staffy called Misty) last month and went around trying to find her owner. My my it is a small world sometimes, turns out the dogs owner was Paul whose dad` used to own Doc my friends horse. Doc is back here again for a few weeks having a break from Moonlight and her son Storm.

Well we are seeing each other now and Misty and Miranda socialise daily, in fact Misty and Miranda are on the lounge together now while her dad`is off on an errand in town. What a bonus to be seeing a chef and of whom my mum approves ( he cooked dinner last night and went to special trouble to make sure a curry was not too hot for her).

Misty and Miranda


Leanne said...

HI Kas! It was great to see you on my blog yesterday. I've missed you! I love reading about your life on the land surrounded by the animals that make you so happy. Am also pleased you have found yourself a human companion! Bonus :)
Big hugs

Prancer Pie said...

It doesn't look like a cat only zone! Sumtimes it's just easier to let things be! Haf a great weekend, furriends! xoxo

Leia said...

Oh, how wonderful to have a friend! You look so at ease with one another. Enjoy!!

Jacqueline said...

Miss you, Kara, but very happy to hear about your friend, Paul...Best of luck with your new relationship; after almost 2 years, I have a new boyfriend of 2 months too=YAY for us, girlfriend!!...I hope everything is going well for you all in your new place...Kiss your sweet boys for me; sending love and big hugs...J

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